Market and Social Research

Q. What is market and social research?
A. Market and social research provides useful and accurate information on the behaviors, needs, and opinions of the population. This benefits businesses when developing their products and services, the government when tailoring policies and programs, and the public who ultimately benefit in the end.


Q. How often will I receive surveys?
A. You should receive an email invite to do surveys at least, but not limited to, once a month. The surveys we host and distribute have specific sets of requirements based on demographics and/or location. We try our very best to ensure that each of our panel members are given equal chances of completing surveys.

Q. How much can I make in each online survey?
A. For each online survey, we will specify the prize draw amount attached to that study in the email invite. These prize draws can range in amounts and winning odds. Most prize draws are at least $500 in cash.

Q. I have received a discussion group invite, what is that?
Discussion groups are held in a casual setting where individuals, such as yourself, can offer their opinion and discuss certain topics. These are usually held in a central location, unless otherwise specified, and we award amounts up to $120 to those who participate .

Q. I got halfway through a survey and lost connection, can I be entered into the prize draw still?
A. Prize draw entries will only be submitted upon completion of the survey. The information may be obsolete if the survey is not completed. If you have been timed-out or lost connection, you can start from where you left off by re-clicking the survey invitation.

Q. How will I know if I have won a prize draw?
A. Once a survey job has closed, we will run the prize draw within a week of the survey ending. From there someone from our team will contact you via email or over the phone to notify you of your winnings, and to collect your details.

Q. I have questions regarding a particular survey, who can I speak to?
A. Please email the project manager specified on the email invite or contact us using the phone number provide on the email.

My Account 

Q. I have just registered, but can't log in?
A. Once you have registered, you will receive an activation link from us via email. Once you click the activation link, you will be able to access your account.

Q. I have forgotten my password, how can I log in?
A. Go to the home page and click the login button. Select the blue ‘Forgot your password?’ link and you will be re-directed to a page where you will be required to enter your email address. Additional instructions will be emailed to you.

Q. How do I remove my account?
A. Go to the Unsubscribe page and enter your email address and password, and click the next button. This will forfeit all your current credits and is not reversible


Q. How do I get my payments?
A. When participating in any face to face interviews or discussion groups, you will be paid in cash on the day, unless specified otherwise. If you have won a prize draw, we will send a cheque to your postal address, which we confirm with you before sending.


Q. I am having technical problems, can you help?
A. We are constantly improving our website and want to know if you are having problems. Please help us fix problems, by following the instructions below.

To help us understand your system and recreate your error, we need to know what software you are using. Go to supportdetails.com and enter your name and your email address, and then click on Send Details. This will email your system information shown on the screen to us so we can understand what software you are using.

Then go to our Contact page and describe your problem: what where you doing when the problem occurred; giving us the wording of any error message you received.
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